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Filling In 17/18

Filling In 17/18 published on 11 Comments on Filling In 17/18

Animated page tomorrow!

Skip to Sunday for the still version.

Patrons have already seen that Archie-and-Rowan panel, in this post of deleted scenes from Only One Bed.

Future Thorn (thinking): These cracks have to be time-travel-related. . . . Sure hope it’s not me causing them.

Archie: What about “helping someone get dressed”? Is that flirty?

Rowan: Depends whether you’re the one who undressed them!

Iona: Leif! I got the thing you wanted!

Thorn: So . . . had any interesting hallucinations lately?

Kale: Yeah, got a real weird one going on right now. . . . Lots of funny-looking birds.

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What I don’t get yet, Kale was alone when the WiB didn’t interfere at all
But we saw her stopping Thorn from checking on Kale in other loops and now Thorn is with Kale. It’s earlier in the morning though, so probably in the non-interfere loop he already left and Kale went back to bed?

Presumably this is the same time loop fracturing as the previous strip, which would suggest Thorn is there because Pas “went to fetch a towel”.

I’m thinking maybe the “stop Thorn from checking on Kale” wasn’t because Thorn was guarding him but because WiB was trying to prevent Dex from locating Kale – since they’d been tailing Thorn to try to find him, maybe in one loop they found him by following Thorn to the room and WiB was trying to prevent that?

But that approach of “prevent all actions that might lead Dex to Kudzu” clearly hasn’t been working, which is why she’s taking this less direct and information-gathering approach now.

When the WiB doesn’t interfere, nobody calls in a tip that Dex is lurking right outside Kale’s building.

Thorn might check on Kale and then leave, or he might check on Kale and not be able to get in, but he isn’t going to decide “draw my sword and stand guard until further notice” without a specific reason.

I’m angry about the supreme court.

I can’t say I’m surprised but why do you think it’s related to this page?

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