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Oof, they sure went all in on arresting Dex! (Unless this is Team 2, after Dex somehow beat Marula and Delphinium *at the same time*? – would not put it past them, but I *would* be surprised the building was still standing)

This is super cool! Is there any chance of getting a non-animated version in addition, though? Maybe a frame or two in the post under the comic? It goes fast enough that I have a hard time seeing things before they go all white

This many strong magicals being diverted from whatever they were doing to catching Dex might be how Dex getting arrested escalates from Dex’s personal tragedy to the entire timeline’s problem. (Like yeah Dex going to jail without being able to work through their personal issues isn’t a good scenario, but in itself doesn’t seem like a thing likely to change the course of history on a scale that time travelers would need to get involved.)

While possible, I suspect that Dex is supposed to do something specific which IS important (and it’s not just about their personal issues), either before the jail or after, but it’s prevented by them getting caught (maybe they end up in jail for longer time when caught?). WiB might even have some idea WHAT would that be.

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