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Filling In 2/18

Filling In 2/18 published on 4 Comments on Filling In 2/18

Del: People with heart-daggers aren’t disloyal, or difficult to trust. Our dear co-worker simply has priorities.

. . . so we tried holding their husband at an assisted-living facility. He simply, ah, let himself out.

WiB: Yeah, I remember — I actually helped with that one.

Del: . . . As I am not the agent on-duty at his home, I couldn’t possibly say.

WiB: Can you get me around the agent on-duty at his home?

Del: You like a shortcut, don’t you, darling?

WiB: Nothing wrong with using all the assets you have on hand! Or, when applicable, on foot.

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The WIB is using hover boots to do the training course….

I imagine that the Secret Order of Monster Hunters subscribes to the “there is no honor on the battlefield, win by any means” school of training.

That is a wise and correct school of thought.

Maybe, maybe not. In some circumstances, it makes the current task easier at the expense of making future tasks much harder or impossible. As such, it behooves one to consider the circumstances to determine whether current expedience is worth it.

But someone who’s very used to being unmemorable probably doesn’t bother thinking about the consequences too much, because there usually aren’t any that she’s aware of. Time travellers also tend to be a bit heavier on the expedience – if it costs them, they can simply try again.

Of course, that may or may not be true – sure, they can travel through time in either direction, but does that reverse or halt their aging? Depending on the continuity, they may still have a limited number of seconds of life, the only question is when do they spend them.

Also, in at least one universe I’ve encountered, that’s not really clear to them until they’ve spent them, as their time travellers don’t *appear* to age apart from going farther in the future relative to their starting point. But they still *do*. Which feels like a really nasty trick for an author to play on their characters. On the other hand, it could be the “lived experience” of many video game characters instances who met an untimely end as their player died and therefore is no longer around to play them.

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