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Filling In 7/18

Filling In 7/18 published on 3 Comments on Filling In 7/18

WiB: . . . so Dex needs to turn themself in voluntarily, and if I just get them arrested, it crashes the timeline.

But if they’re watching when I bring Kudzu out, they always do something to crash the timeline.

Basically, I need a cheat code to talk them down. Or something I can yell to you, that will prompt you to talk them down.

Hermosa: Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be much help — I didn’t even remember why Dex was gone right now. I thought they were deep undercover, not — not a — not this thing.

Pascentia: I believe “deceitful, murderous fugitive” is the term you want.

WiB: There’s a no-murder timeline! We just have to get there.

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I came here just after seeing the tumblr post with DALL-E’s take on the phrase “Leif and Thorn,” and that makes it more than usually amusing that “Root & Branch” is what I’m seeing advertised below the comic right now.

I think if WiB takes Dex out, probably the timeline crashes, but she doesn’t want to mention that in this group. If she incapacitates Dex for this event, it at best postpones the crash, and that’s not a simple feat as well. That’s probably less of a forbidden thing to suggest, but still probably on the “do not mention” list.

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