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Filling In 8/18

Filling In 8/18 published on 7 Comments on Filling In 8/18

Hermosa: I just — I don’t. I can’t. This is too much. I need to go, to go — lie down. Alone.

WiB: Sure, buddy! Sorry — I know this is a lot of heavy stuff to dump on you all at once.

[pat pat]

I’ll roll it out slower in the next loop!

Pascentia: I suspect he’s off to make the surreptitious call to Dexie that you predicted.

WiB: Yeah, I’m kinda counting on it.

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Someone said this when WiB potentially told Marula where Dex is (or lied where Dex is) that Marula being there would be a funny final loop. This strip convinced me.
I think that would be the most intresting, and there for most likely in a fictional story: if Marula showing up – and Hermosa warning Dex about her showing up – is required.

Funny, but not consistent with the exposition holding that WiB has tried getting Dex arrested and that is inconsistent with closing the loop. If Time requires that Dex come in voluntarily it’s not helpful for the Order’s least pleasant agent to try to kill them today. It’s also possible that one of the reasons Dex needs to come in is that it would buy them leniency, and that’s compromised if they are perceived to be under threat of getting caught when they give up.

As hilarious as this being the last loop would be, I think we’re going to do at least one or two more. We still haven’t seen anything of what Future Thorn is up to and it’s been foreshadowed that the Time Mage probably doesn’t know that he’s here… so I expect he’s going to complicate the heck out of everything.

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