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Fish Story 10/41

Fish Story 10/41 published on 12 Comments on Fish Story 10/41

Blackthorn: Oh, good, it’s nice and dark inside. Dark like my soul.

Laceleaf: Welcome, students from Starbust Academy! And guests!

My name is Laceleaf, and I’ll be your tour guide this afternoon.

We have a lot to cover, but there’s no rush . . . Take a moment to drink in the scenery.

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And a Karner blue ray? Is butterfly colors on the rays normal in this world or an example of unusual things that can happen when sea critters run into magic, like the sea serpent.?

Helloooo, pretty skellington!

Oh, yes, also pretty butterfly rays. Still happily distracted by the skeleton hanging from the ceiling. And why is there a swimming pool ladder in the aquarium?

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