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Fish Story 12/41

Fish Story 12/41 published on 8 Comments on Fish Story 12/41

Laceleaf: Marine ecosystems are important support for everything living on the shore! Just ask our seabirds, like these handsome raptors from the polar coasts of Sønheim . . .

Ivy: EEEEEEEEEE! It’s the real-life version of . . .

Longan, Ivy, Tilda: . . . the sidekick from Pretty Combat Mountaineer Geirskögul!

Longan: I’m changing my fursona!

Tilda: I’m changing my kintype!

Ivy: I want one as a pet! No, two!

Laceleaf: P-please don’t keep wild animals as pets . . . we have lovely plush versions in the gift shop!

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If your intention was to make me hate them from the bottom of my fangirl heart you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

Aw, go easy on the 14-year-olds.

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