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Fish Story 15/41

Fish Story 15/41 published on 12 Comments on Fish Story 15/41

Aquarium entrance.

Stalker: Excuse me, my good lady! Can you check on whether Laceleaf is at work today?

Guard: We don’t give that information to strangers, sir.

Stalker: I’m not a stranger to her! She likes me!

Guard: Then she can tell you her work schedule herself.

Stalker: . . . Fine. I tried doing this the nice way.



You’ll wish you had settled for the nice way.

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Great, creepy stalker arc.

Given the whackjob that tried to grab a museum worker this week, this is eerily timely.

*begins to worship Erin as the new Oracle*

I think a story about stalking is one of those that would be timely no matter when it was published =(

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