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Fish Story 16/41

Fish Story 16/41 published on 7 Comments on Fish Story 16/41

Guard #1: Sir, we don’t allow transformations in the building. Please power down —

Stalker: No. [Water, rise up!]

[Blast her!]


Patron #1: I-is this some kind of a show?

Patron #2: It wasn’t anywhere in the program!

Guard #2: Someone hit their panic button.

Guard #3: Security team to the eastern river entrance!

Stalker: One more time: is Laceleaf here?


Stalker: See now, was that so hard?


Stalker: Lacey, beautiful . . . !

Come down here and see me, and nobody — else — has to get hurt!

Can you hear me, Lacey . . . ?

Laceleaf: The next stop on our tour is . . . the plumbing! Everyone through the Staff Only door!

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