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Fish Story 19/41

Fish Story 19/41 published on 12 Comments on Fish Story 19/41

Ms. Pommier: You have a powerful water mage for a crazy ex? Oh, honey . . .

Laceleaf: That guy is NOT my ex! We’ve never even been on a date!

Angelica: Is he mad because you said you would go out with him at some point, and then changed your mind?

Laceleaf: No! I always told him I wasn’t interested.

Student: Did you maybe send some mixed signals? Like, did you smile at him a lot, or . . .

Laceleaf: Of COURSE I smiled at him!! It doesn’t mean I was flirting! It means I’m a frickin’ TOUR GUIDE !!

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Ah. I see that, even in a world of advanced sexual equality, victim blaming isn’t entirely passe XD

The crowd is so failing the duck test right now (“If it quacks like a duck…”). In this case, if he talks like a nutter, and acts like a nutter…then the answer is not to ask “what did you do to spurn him,” it’s to say “nutter’s gonna nut, what do we do?”

I don’t see any blaming. Being crazy doesn’t mean there is no logic in your action, just that it’s warped logic. Maybe they are asking to avoid the same mistake when the crazy stalker finds them?

Just calling it a “mistake” is blamey. It’s a common human impulse to want to feel in control, to think “I can be safe from this if I just do everything right” — it’s scary (but necessary) to accept the fact that you don’t get a stalker by doing anything “wrong” in the first place.

Thank you for addressing this issue in the comic. As someone who has survived encounters with stalkers, both as target and collateral damage, I was apprehensive of the storyline when i first saw the stalker tag. I’m glad to see you handling it well and pointing out victim blaming as a problem rather than using it as the narrative. There is way too much media that presents stalking behaviors in a positive light, its nice to see it handled like it is, terrifying and dangerous.

I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve been through, and gratified this arc has your approval.

I thought about not having the characters ask these questions at all, since Ceannis is supposed to be, let’s say, somewhat more socially advanced than the real world. Figured it was worth writing them in for the sake of explicitly shooting them down.

… right. Didn’t realize that just the implication that what started it was “mistake” (or “wrong”) is blamey. Still, you may consider to avoid doing things which are perfectly ok if it can save your life. I mean, stalker attacking building with magic is not exactly normal situation.

Finding out just how much crazy he is may be important.

I get how that’s useful in some cases, but at this point… he’s already taken hostages and threatened to kill people (and fish). They’re not gonna get away by avoiding doing things that are perfectly fine but might antagonize the attacker. Dude’s already antagonized.

There but for the grace of god, go I. I wake up every morning telling myself “Don’t be a creepy stalker.”

I have a long list of things like that I tell myself. I think it works? Because so far I have not done anything on my very important list.

Oh good lord, smiling while taking a tour and someone gets on to you? D:

People have decided to stalk, attack, and kidnap others for much less reason than that, unfortunately. 2 weeks ago, a random museum goer grabbed a curator – never met her before, apparently just decided to *YOINK!* – and tried to make off with her, knife to throat. (incident resolved with her safe and him dead). Point is, as far as anyone can tell, all she did was say something in his vicinity, and he just decided that “yep, I’m taking that one home” – no direct interaction or anything.

Day or 2 later, guy grabs a 15 year old at a market, tries to carry her off, Even While Her Mom is holding on to her and both are screaming for help. (Didn’t manage it – the two women combined proved to be too much hassle, and he fled…think he got caught later)

And that was just what got covered on the evening news. That week.

To some people, any interaction, or no interaction what so ever, is taken as signed, sealed, and delivered permission to turn another person into a piece of property to be hauled off in the worst piratical tradition, to be used as the hauler sees fit. And that’s more than wrong – it’s morally disgusting.

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