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Fish Story 26/41

Fish Story 26/41 published on 10 Comments on Fish Story 26/41

Holly: On every test, Ivy Muscade rates as the most powerful water-magical girl in our age group.

She has more raw strength than some mages who’ve been training since before we were born. Since before our parents were born.

Serious expert people have said that, as her power matures, she could become the strongest water mage on record. Like, ever.

And this idiot thinks he’s scary because he can make spooky noises come through the pipes.

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Your Sailor Moon is showing again boss.

Ohhhh yes.

She’s basically a Pretty Cure at heart, but I like the more solemn dignity of the Sailor transformations too much not to stick with it.

As long as she doesn’t wield the power of her sparkling gentle uterus, boss, we’ll be all good. XD

Though, now I feel like a missed a chance with the 30 day sexy challenge XD

Pretty uterus…was that censored out of the English dub with Uranus and Saturn’s relationship?

nope. It’s the special attack of one of the Sailor Starlights, a character in the very last arc of Sailor Moon. As I understand it, it was meant to imply “Gentle Place of Creation and Birth,” (the special attack creates mini-shining planetiods, in theory) and the translators just used the literal translation.

Don’t know what the intended implications were, but this is one thing you can’t blame on translators — the attack is originally written as the English words “Star Gentle Uterus.”

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