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Fish Story 28/41

Fish Story 28/41 published on 7 Comments on Fish Story 28/41

Stalker: [Lift me up!] This has nothing to do with you, kid! I don’t want to do this —

— but if you get in my way, you’re not leaving me any choice!

Ivy: Kyaaaa, you are SUCH a creep! Pretty Combat Mountaineer Geirskögul would teach you a lesson!


Ivy: In your face!! In the name of the mountain, I’ll punish you!


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She’s lucky she’s so powerful she can still win even with this lousy tactic.

Is it a lousy tactic though? When I see a water mage apply a glob of water to someone’s face, my first thought is “gonna choke a fool”. On the other hand, it might be against Magial Girl rules to open with a finishing move like the water choke.

The only rule in a fight is win. If you’re fighting fair, you’re doing it wrong.

well, there is one clear issue – both are standing on something their opponent can muck with and ruin their footing. Now, this is worse for the stalker, because Ivy is hella stronk, but it’s probably poor tactics to hand your opponent your footing, in any case.

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