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Fish Story 33/41

Fish Story 33/41 published on 6 Comments on Fish Story 33/41

Holly (thinking): Okay, Holly, worry about the time travel stuff later.



Quick repair job on the building . . .

[Runes: Seal back together!]

. . . and another on the people.

[Runes: General purpose patch you up!]

Holly: You might want to have a real doctor check on you later!

Are you all okay, little fishies?

Holly (thinking): . . . Great, now Ivy’s got me doing it.

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Are the spells on these page just your basic ones that every mage learns? And when can we see Holly’s domain in action? 🙂

Oh man, y’all are spoiled by only seeing teen-prodigy mages in action. Holly’s doing real-time repairs on a building — that means multiple types of materials and compounds, none of which can afford to have faults or seams or weak points — and she’s doing it while she’s inside the place, meaning that a screw-up could bring a whole lot of concrete and glass and steel and water crashing down on top of her. Not to mention all the other humans/birds/fish/etc hanging around.

That’s definitely not basic. Lots of star mages can’t do it. Someone like Ivy could only do parts of it — she’s ridiculously powerful, but a lot of the materials don’t fall under the influence of her domain.

Star magic means that every material falls under the influence of your domain.

I thought she was doing a temporary patch job to hold things together until a construction/maintenance crew could make a proper fix. The assumption that the spells here were basic ones came from remembering one of the first stories where she was practicing fire magic…and since fire wasn’t her domain, I figured that there were some spells from every domain that most mages learned/can do.

Are mages capable of using most spells, but those outside their domain are harder?

Admittedly, construction people are going to come in and double-check everything afterward. Still impressive that she can do as much as she does.

Mages can only do spells within their own domains — it’s just that those domains can be really wide, and often overlap. Everyone has some version of a healing spell, for instance. And star magic is the broadest — if you’re a star-based magical girl, you can work out a way to do pretty much anything.

Holly had trouble with fire control in the first storyline, which is why we see her practicing a few storylines later…and why she doesn’t try to set anything on fire here ^_^;

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