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Fish Story 3/41

Fish Story 3/41 published on 6 Comments on Fish Story 3/41

If I ever do a flash-forward storyline focusing on these two, it’ll have to be titled “When They Are Both Full Grown.”


Ms. Pommier: Our guests work very hard studying magic, so they don’t get a lot of normal field trips. Let’s all make sure they feel welcome on this one, all right?

This young lady is Holly, and the other —

Ivy: HOLLY?!

Holly: Oh no.

Holly (thinking): I didn’t know it was going to be her! Okay, you can do this. Brace yourself . . .

Ivy: EEEEEEEEEE! AAAAAHHHH I haven’t seen you for like AGES how are you doing HI!!!

Holly: Hello, Ivy.

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Holly and Ivy? What is this, Christmas?

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