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Fish Story 34/41

Fish Story 34/41 published on 4 Comments on Fish Story 34/41

Reporter: Update from outside the aquarium: A team of VERY serious mages have just arrived on the scene! This is gonna be good.

Magus Cornouiller! Can you give us some tough-sounding quotes about your plans for taking on this dangerous rogue mage?

Cornouiller: No.

This is a solemn situation. We will not recklessly start a fight that might put the hostages in danger. Ideally we would like to subdue him, but we cannot afford another —

Ivy: Hiiiiii! I got the bad guy all pinned! Anybody wanna come inside and pick him up?

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…*Deep breath*

So wait, are Ceannic mages like state alchemists? Or can a mage opt to practice magic without being a part of the government after their training is done? Also, are all heartsword users capable of using magic as well? Or is magic restricted to mages alone? Are non-magical individuals allowed to serve in the Ceannic military and police forces?

Finally, “another”? Another what? Darn it boss, your audience deserves to know the truth!

A mage can work for anyone who will hire them! There’s a wide variety of government jobs that call for mages, but that’s far from the only option. Laceleaf’s stalker had a mundane job and was a self-taught magical boy.

It’s basically the setup I imagine most magical-girl series would develop if magic was commonly known, appeared in random people, and wasn’t limited to one generation. At some point there were teen magical girls fighting in secret, then they grew up and decided the next generation could use some mentoring. Rinse and repeat until you have a whole accredited education system.

There are plenty of non-magical security forces. Not enough mages to fill all those spots, even if they all wanted to. Everyone does get access to standard magical equipment — first aid gems, shield gems, and so on.

Most heartsword wielders don’t have magical aptitude, and most mages have enough attack power that it wouldn’t get much added benefit to learn to draw a heartsword. There’s overlap, it’s just rare.

“Another”… incident like a certain one that was mentioned in the comic a while back…

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