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Fish Story 35/41

Fish Story 35/41 published on 5 Comments on Fish Story 35/41

Ivy: I’m just gonna splash him down in front of you, okay? [Runes: Move an’ drop!]

I’m kinda distracted holding back all the water he’s trying to move, so if my aim isn’t great, sorrieeee!


Aquarium visitors: Woohoo! / Is it over? / Go Ivy! / Ooh, is he gonna do the speech? Like on all the shows?

Cornouiller: You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to a fair trial. We have a warrant to restrain your powers until that trial . . .

Visitor: Awright!

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I only just noticed that Ivy slips into Sønska occasionally…
Next question, is Ivy in for a lecture on recklessness, or praise for her swift, effective takedown with overwhelming force?

It’s the equivalent of an our-world teen going “kawaiiii!” and “gomenasai!!” all the time.

Ivy was following standard magical-girl operating procedure! Seriously, I don’t want to show this world’s magical teens as less capable or self-determining just because they don’t have to hide their powers and identities from the adults in their lives.

The police only have to read you your Maranda Rights if they question you about anything pertaining to the case. They can take you into custody without saying anything, and if you speak of your own free will, then it can be held against you without your Miranda Rights having been read because you weren’t questioned. If they question you without reading them, however, then you can say that anything you said because of your questioning can’t be used against you, because it can’t. The only reason they read the Miranda Rights at time of arresting on TV shows is to jazz it up a little.

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