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Fish Story 36/41

Fish Story 36/41 published on 6 Comments on Fish Story 36/41

Stalker: Y-you’ve got this all wrong! I was just here to visit my girlfriend! She was playing hard to get — then suddenly, this crazy magical girl jumps me, out of nowhere —

Cornouiller: [Runes: Power restraints.]


Stalker: You don’t have to do that! I woulda detransformed!

The KID is dangerous, not me! She was all over the place — could’ve broken something — I swear, she’s not right in the head —


Ivy: EEEEEEEEEE! You looked SO COOL doing the Magical Victims Unit speech, Grandpa!

Cornouiller: You were saying.

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Ah, good old fashioned nepotism.

It’s not really nepotism – anyone with her skill would be just as highly considered. Favoritism, maybe, in that her grandpapa seems to be disregarding his claims…though, ANY knowledge of her abilities would pretty thoroughly discount his claims – she isn’t some slapdash mage, and her records and testing probably shows it.

Sorry to be ‘that guy’, but shouldn’t there be a question mark after ‘You were saying’?

Also, great comic. Liking Ivy very much. Such a hilarious hyper ball of awesome.

No, because it’s not actually a question. More of a threat, really. The stalker reeeeally shouldn’t finish that line of thought in front of Ivy’s grandfather, and knows it, and Cornoullier is making it very clear that *he* knows it.

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