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Fish Story 37/41

Fish Story 37/41 published on 6 Comments on Fish Story 37/41

Over communicator: . . . and the police are asking if you can give a statement about the other times this man harassed you.

Laceleaf: Tell them I’ll be there as soon as I take care of my tour group! And please ping the chief of security. She’s the one with the documentation.

Ms. Pommier: Attention, class! Laceleaf has something to say!

Laceleaf: The good news is, the hostage situation is over! Unfortunately, we still have to evacuate the building to double-check for structural damage and trauma to the fish.

The police would like to get as many eyewitness statements as possible . . .

Seaweed: This is the most hardcore field trip I’ve ever been on.

Ms. Pommier: . . . and then, judging by the number of worried calls I’ve already gotten, most of your parents will be here to pick you up.

Seaweed: Awwww.

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Huh. I somehow missed that Laceleaf’s missing a finger until now.

Honestly, I missed it until I read about it on the wiki page on medicine.
Didn’t realize a coworker was missing a finger until the others talked about it either.

It can be rather difficult to spot injuries and/or congenital oddities like that – I’ve seen two separate people on stage (so not exactly close up, but still near enough that it was easily possible to tell) that were effectively missing an entire hand, and I had to stare for a little while before I was sure that that was what I was seeing.

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