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Fish Story 4/41

Fish Story 4/41 published on 3 Comments on Fish Story 4/41

No prizes for guessing which of the new names in the tags belong to which of the students….


Ivy: AAAAHHH look at this, Holly, we totally have to sit with them! Look at her little plushie! I got one just like it after reading Magical Storm Rune Svanhvit, don’t you just love it? It’s sooooooo good! Ooh, are you actualfax Sønheic? Like you didn’t dye your hair or anything? Squee!

Tilda: I’m Sønheic, yeah! Like the ears? I made them myself!

Ivy: Eeeeee, they are SO kyuuuuuute, you are some kind of cosplay genius!! Where did you get the pattern? Or did you make it up all by your–

Holly: OH HEY this compartment looks kinda full, too bad! Guess I’ll have to go sit in the one over there. Bye!


Holly: Phew, that was close! At least now I get to sit with normal people.

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