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Fish Story 6/41

Fish Story 6/41 published on 11 Comments on Fish Story 6/41

Blackthorn: My name’s Blackthorn.

Hyacinth: He might change it again by the end of the day. Try to keep up.

Blackthorn: So, do you and Ivy, like . . . go to magic school together?

Holly: Noooo. We’re both doing independent study now anyway.

Our parents are best friends, so when we were kids, they had us play together a lot.

Ivy (flashback): Now I’m a ballerina princess and you have to try to catch me! Wheeee!

Holly: I’ve known her my whole life, and I’ve never heard her keep quiet more than five minutes at a time.

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Yeeeah, that settles it. I AM Ivy.

Not something I’d advertise, friend.

Aw, screw you, friend. Being “too loud” and “obnoxiously enthusiastic” is something I’ve had shoved at me since I could walk & talk. Absolutely feel free to not be a dick about it. Or to shut up. Either way.

And I know you didn’t mean it like that, whatever “that” is, and that I’M being a bit of a dick too…but I’m grumpy and tired today, and mildly sick of it being a unexamined trope that the “relatable characters” are always the ones who are aloof and think I’m stupid.

Blah. Anyway, sorry for that outburst to a bit of benign ribbing. Don’t take it to heart.

I feel for ya. Was the bubbly kind, and growing up got SO MUCH of the negative stuff that I went waaayyyyy the other way, and suffered a lot for it. Now, I’m raising a little “mini me” (not in ALL ways, of course) and I’m really struggling with helping her understand what others need, like her spectrum brother who HAS TO have space sometimes, without feeling shoved into the wall herself. Think I’m not doing too well, so far. It’s just me here, not a Daddy anymore, doesn’t help.
She’s got a good therapist already, and I’m VERY open about my faults and willing to work with anything, so, yeah. It’ll work out. She’s 5, and I’m on this. I just want to do every bit of good I can. I never really did find that balance for myself, but with help, my little girl can.
Did you?

I think so. I think my love of reading helped me a lot, especially with developing my theoretical empathy. It’s still one of my “things I struggle with”, but everyone has a few of those, and it’s not to any extreme extent. And I think it’s also one of my strengths too. It helps me make friends and connections, because I’m not reserved about talking to strangers, and to keep them, because I’m not shy about liking the people I like. now I’ve learned both to temper it a bit, and how to recognise who will never come around and let them go, that is.

So don’t worry too much about your daughter. It sounds like you’re doing well, just explaining to her that different people think differently and need different thinga. And with an ASD son and a hyperactive daughter, it sound’s like you’ve got a much tougher gig than usual! I’m sure you’re doing great, under the circumstances. 🙂 <3

plus I got VERY lucky with the friends I’ve got now. Luck helps :p

but yeah, hang in there 🙂 I think you’re probably more balanced than you give yourself credit for, but even if that’s not true, you’re cool. and thanks for responding, you made me feel better since yesterday. 🙂

We’re starting off with Holly’s perspective because she’s the character we already know, but she’s not exactly flawless herself…as the next strip starts to reveal. I’m looking forward to seeing how readers feel about Ivy as the storyline goes on, and we see more of her in action firsthand…

M’fellow you are a gem, dw. I didn’t think for a moment that you’d actually keep her a 2d character, it was just the slight instinctive jitter-tension of “okay but will she?”, exacerbated by a kind of icky day, and sparked by a kind of arseholish comment-joke. I do love Holly a lot, these kids are cool too, and I am also seriously jazzed for Holly and Hyacinth’s dialogue. Thanks for the reassurance though 🙂

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