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Fish Story 8/41

Fish Story 8/41 published on 7 Comments on Fish Story 8/41

A common delicious dessert across Ceannis is the food our world calls gulab jamar. “Roseberry dumpling” is my attempt to come up with a plausible English-language term that sounds as cutsey and sweet as “cinnamon roll.”


Holly: The tentacle creature was closing in fast! Luckily, I had prepared the perfect potion earlier that day . . .


Ivy: Eeeee, you like Pretty Combat Mountaineer Geirskögul too?? She is literally my favorite EVER!!

Holly: So the carriage curtain pulls back, and it’s pitch dark inside, except for these two glowing red eyes . . . Can’t lie, I’m scared, but I don’t let it show!

Ivy: I have written sooooo much Geirskögul/Holger fanfiction.

Holly: So I turn around, and you’re never gonna believe who’s right behind me — Astrid Rødlund!


Ivy: Is Holger not just the most perfect sweet roseberry dumpling too good for this world??

[Aquarium Station]


Holly: I don’t want to brag, but she called my magic ‘excellent’.

Ivy: Aaaaahhh, we’re here!! Time to see the fishies!!

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Is Pretty Combat Mountaineer etc a Sailor Moon-type thing? (Are you gonna draw the characters she’s talking about?)

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