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Full-page zine ad, circa 2018

Full-page zine ad, circa 2018 published on 5 Comments on Full-page zine ad, circa 2018

Got the chance to plug Leif & Thorn with a free ad a couple years back, so this is what I came up with. Trying to give the flavor and the summary of The Comic So Far.

They save each other! A lot!

Leif: I’m Leif.

Thorn: I’m Thorn.

Leif: I’m a gardener at the embassy.

Thorn: I’m a guard at the embassy.

Leif: I don’t speak his first language.

Thorn: I’m picking his up as fast as I can.

Both: And I have to save him a lot.

Both: Wait, what?

Leif: You get in all kinds of trouble! I had to help when you got cursed with illegal tentacles, and when that burger grill gave you a flashback to dragonslaying trauma, and when the mutant plant crashed that musical and made you miss the whole second act!

Thorn: Oh, like you should talk! The very first day we met, I rescued you from a hellhound. I keep helping you dodge your bosses’ creepy surveillance and wiretapping. I was this close to stabbing visiting vampire royalty for you!

Leif: That would not have helped! I’d be much better off without that kind of “saving.”

Thorn: I spend all this money taking you out, and this is the thanks I get?

Both: . . .

Leif: Was I supposed to be thanking —

Thorn: No, no! It’s just an expression. I forgot that you’d take it seriously. Do I really make things worse for —

Leif: You don’t! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but . . . My life is a huge mess all by itself.

Thorn: I’ve noticed. Sorry that I don’t always understand how to help.

Leif: There’s a lot you can’t save me from. Thank you for being here with me anyway.

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I find this one upsetting, for some reason.

I think it triggers some bad memories about fights I’ve had with my spouse, when they’ve refused to acknowledge the many ways that I help them, while insisting that they help me more, like it’s some kinda contest.

And maybe also the arguments where they insist that they’re the best at something that they’re clearly struggling with, often immediately after they ask me for help and I give it. Maybe that’s supposed to be a joke, but I don’t find it funny so much as belittling.

We’ve moved on a lot from those arguments, but remembering them still hurts.

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