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Grassie Knows Her History 10/29

Grassie Knows Her History 10/29 published on 8 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 10/29

Thorn (thinking): This is so surreal . . .

I first saw the series as a kid. It was in reruns, and Hedge and Grassie were already my parents’ age.

I knew they’d gotten older, too, thanks to the “Grassie for President” special.

In real life, they were older than my grandparents. The wise and respected grand dames of comedy.

And now, thanks to time travel, I’m at a point when they’re young enough to be my kids.

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Would you just set whatever butterfly you’re here for into effect and get outta there? I’ve seen Soviets act more responsibly with time travel!

1: He can’t exactly just toss down a smokebomb and run away at this point.

2: His location and timeframe are both WAY off his intended landing coordinates. We’ve seen instances of whatever targetting system is in play isn’t super-precise (in Fish Story it landed him behind a door AND he was unclear what the timeframe was AND he got rammed into by someone who would absolutely recognize him, and in Summer Sunshine he landed less than 4 meters from HIMSELF and was “DEFINITELY not” in the spacetime he was aiming for.

Best Case scenario for him in my mind is: keep cool, slip out when FAMOUS PERSON isn’t watching, hop a train, hope I landed too early and can just sit on a bench until the inventor of robot that creates the New Eastern Ceannic Sea by sinking Beal and the Impassable Superdesert into the mantle can be intercepted and convinced to instead build a giant robot that turns the Impassable Superdesert into arable land or whatever.

“Young enough to be my kids.”

Holy shit, Future-Thorn!! How old are you at this point?! I mean, damn!

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