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Grassie Knows Her History 11/29

Grassie Knows Her History 11/29 published on 10 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 11/29

Hedge: I know we keep emergency lights in this room somewhere . . .

Actor (Blan): And one of us should check to be sure the regular lights are just hiding, not panicking.

Hedge: Good point. Okay! Does anybody on set today have an affinity for fire spirits?

Grassie: Oh! I do!

Hedge: . . . Anyone else?

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But they said she’s not like the real Grassie, so why are they looking for another fire affinity user?

Because she’s not As Much like the character Grassie, but enough like the character that the idea of her interacting with the fire spirits in this situation is worrying. She could probably handle it in her own home, but Hedge clearly knows Grassie well enough to say that this wouldn’t be a good idea. Especially since it sounds like the fire spirits could be panicking. If they’re panicking, they might make Grassie panic, or she might unintentionally offend them. There’s a lot of reasons Hedge might want to avoid having Grassie interact with them.

I realize the comment is probably more about making sure the fire spirits aren’t setting-stuff-on-fire-panicking, but I think it’s cute they care about the spirits.

Hmmmm … why exactly did they go out? I mean, in our civilization, the lights usually go out because the line between power plant and the light got interrupted. Do they also have some power lines? In that case, the power lines not working would mean the fire spirits can remain where they were, just not making light (or that much light).

Erin has mentioned before that the Water Spirits in the plumbing do things like stopping the flow of water in case of a water mains leak. If the fire spirits are the light source themselves, they may retreat to a central location if there’s a break in their Fire lines so they don’t set flammables on fire waiting for a Fire Mage.

I don’t like this one. A partner should trust their spouse, not make jokes about not trusting their spouse.

Grassy might be a little silly, but she’s extremely competent… she has to be to play that role on TV.

Frankly, I find Hedge’s behavior borderline abusive here.

On the other hand… Hedge knows her wife best. Allow me to spin a few scenarios that put Hedge into a more positive light.

Maybe Grassie’s unique worldview (<a href=""which is only MOSTLY an act) is just as bewildering to fire spirits as it is to humans, Hedge knows it, and was hoping to pair Grassie with someone else to back.

Maybe this has happened on a smaller scale before in their own home, and Grassie came away successful but slightly singed and Hedge is being overprotective.

Maybe Hedge is just worried about possibly sending her wife into a room full of what turns out to be angry fire spirits who have deliberately but coincidentally decided to withdraw service to protest the working conditions, rather than just some fire spirits that need to be soothed because the earthquake has them rattled.

Not to mention they don’t know the disposition of the building after the earthquake. Hedge could simply not want to let her wife out of her sight until they know it’s safe.

Based on Hedge’s expression, she’s not joking. And Grassie being a very competent actor doesn’t mean she’s necessarily competent at everything else.

It’s all well and good to trust one’s partner, but “trusting” them to do dangerous things they’re not actually any good at is downright irresponsible. It’s not abusive to know each other’s limitations.

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