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Grassie Knows Her History 12/29

Grassie Knows Her History 12/29 published on 8 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 12/29

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Grassie: Oh, honey, it’ll be fine! Just like when we used to tour in those dingy hotels, remember?

Who always convinced the spirits in the heating duct to turn it up a little?

Hedge: That was different! There’s an earthquake. The rest of the building might not be safe!

Thorn (thinking): It’s a good thing I already know Grassie lives a long life, or I’d be tempted to help . . .

Grassie: Well, if it’s dangerous, I can just take the guard to watch out for me!

Thorn (thinking): . . . or maybe I’m why she lives a long life.

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So wait, I dunno if this has been answered before, but what kind of time travel system are we dealing with here? Is it a Terminator style “You always do this thing even if you’re trying to avoid it”, a Back to the Future style “You can make small changes but it’s basically the same timeline”, or are we going full Multiverse Theory but the cast is unaware of this and thus tries to keep their interference minimal? …or is it something else because Time Travel is CONFUSING.

Future!Thorn’s tech seems to function on “making sure what goes right doesn’t go wrong, and DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS”.

WiB’s role depends on deniability. she makes precise changes of varying size, and her lack of memorability means she can be more invasive…

Either way, the phrase ‘timeline-shredding paradox’ comes up frequently.

It’s the “you need to be actively careful to not make big changes, but small changes somehow miraculously don’t matter” system. Although yes, they likely didn’t actually tested that the paradox would destroy universe so it’s possible the characters are just exaggeratedly careful.

I couldn’t find it quickly, but I think Erin has hinted before in a comment that they miiiight not be working theoretically. That is, the Time Agency has had to stitch the timeline back together in the past after someone put it through food processor, metaphorically.

Also, if you search for “Timeline-Shredding Paradox” in the archives, you get A night To Remember 13/33 and 27/33, Fish Story 32/41,Saturday Sketch: Magical Thorn and…Extremely Competent Uncle Thorn 1/6?!

To be fair, that’s searching for each word individually — so you’re getting every strip where the word “timeline” is used, whether or not there’s any shredding involved.

And yeah, they’re working on the “changes are okay unless they preclude themselves from happening, in which case you’re screwed” system.

…wait, *Grassie* lives a long life…? The fact that we only saw Hedgie in the election montage made me think that, like their counterparts, one lived a modestly long life and the other a wicked long one.

Even if they did live relatively similar lifespans to their counterparts, Grassie’s counterpart lived much longer than the average life expectancy for a woman born in 1895. She even lived longer than the life expectancy of a woman born 45 years after her, and I think she lived longer than the life expectancy of a woman born in 1895 who lived to adulthood, but I’m having trouble finding that statistic.

It was certainly dwarfed by the length of Hedge’s counterpart, but as you stated, he lived for a very long time; I can’t think of any other celebrity who managed such a feat – especially when one considers that he didn’t seem to particularly avoid unhealthy habits.

Also, in this page, we get a montage of the two of them being old and gray together; it’s entirely possible that Grassie was just off doing something else during the election montage, and failing that, just because one lived longer than the other, doesn’t mean the other didn’t live long as well.

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