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Grassie Knows Her History 13/29

Grassie Knows Her History 13/29 published on 8 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 13/29

Hedge: Here, you’d better take a light. What’s your name, anyway?

Future Thorn: Cedar Oseille.

Hedge: . . . really?

Thorn: Yes, “Hedge Dubois.”

Hedge: Ah . . . it’s like that, is it.

Thorn: I promise, ma’am, you can trust me. I’ll protect Grassie with my life.

Grassie: Oh, don’t do that! Wouldn’t it be better if you protected me with your fists? Ooh, or a sword! Do you have a sword?

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…well, that’s a lot of information imparted in six words, four (two?) of them proper nouns.

My take is ‘Cedar’ is giving Hedge a hard time for giving ‘Cedar’ a hard time for not using his Illuic name when that’s exactly what Hedge does, too.

((George Burns was born Nathan Birnbaum))

That would make sense, except that if a stranger introduced himself to George Burns as “Elias Rosenthal,” would Burns have blinked? No, Hedgie has picked up on the fact that Thorn has introduced himself by the name of a celebrity who won’t be born for twenty-eight years, just as Thorn intended.

…wait, you meant that Hedgie pegged Thorn as Iuilic, and didn’t believe the name he gave (whatever nationality Cedar is)? Still, I think Hedgie knew the name, and Thorn had suspected she’d know the name, suspicions he saw confirmed.

I understand your angle, but I think ‘Hedge knows Thorn is a time traveller somehow’ is more questions than ‘Thorn improvises, uses his future knowledge to pick a not-yet-famous name that would still catch his ear, sidelines suspicion on his Iuilic features attached to an Aibreán name by pointing out that he’s not the only one in the room using an Aibreán name.’

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