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Grassie Knows Her History 21/29

Grassie Knows Her History 21/29 published on 15 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 21/29

Thorn: Okay, sure. I’m a time traveler. Please don’t let it get around.

You’re not even the first person to clock me . . . wow, this is embarrassing.

Grassie: I won’t say a word! How far in the future are you from?

Thorn: . . . Far enough that I know what happened to your right arm.

Grassie: I’m dead, huh.

Thorn: I didn’t say that, just that it’s out . . .

Grassie: I’m dead, huh.

Thorn: No comment.

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So I just had a thought- there are fire mages with precognition. If Grassie can sense something happened to her arm in the future, that might be why she’s hesitant to use it.

That also might be why she acts “ditzy” sometimes- some it is probably due to her personality, but it also might be partially due to her knowing things and not being to process them.

I just noticed that Grassie has two different colored eyes, like me! I did a quick archive dive, and yes, she consistently has shown two different colors of eyes! Great subtle detail!

Ptah renders Gracie Allen’s real-life heterochromia! Her Wiki page says that “Allen was said to be sensitive about having one green eye and one blue eye (heterochromia), and some speculation existed that plans to film the eighth season of The Burns & Allen Show in color prompted her retirement. However, this seems unlikely, since a one-time-only color episode was filmed and broadcast in 1954 (a clip of which was seen on a CBS anniversary show).”

Going by George’s writings, she’d been wanting to retire for a while, for serious reasons — the amount of work she put into every show really was exhausting, and she had migraines the whole time, compounded with heart disease in her later years. (She had multiple heart attacks, and the last of them was what killed her.)

So let’s just say I’m really side-eyeing whoever these people are that said “ahhh, it’s probably because she was vain about her eyes.”

Oooh, didn’t know that about the multiple heart attacks. Earlier I almost just said “Gracie Allen was sensitive about her heterochromia,” but then I had a moment being like, “Wait, did I actually read that?” But I am glad that the Wikipedia article was like “take this with a full-color special of salt.” Side-eye very warranted.

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