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Grassie Knows Her History 27/29

Grassie Knows Her History 27/29 published on 13 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 27/29

Grassie: You’d better give me an awfully good reason not to warn the Time Mage about this.

Thorn: – — —— — —- — ——– — — —- — —-

Grassie: Ooooh. That’s really your mission?

Thorn: Cross my heart.

Grassie: Then let’s get back to the safe room.

Thorn: You’re not taking this to Acai?

Grassie: Don’t be silly! For that I’d have to go to a whole different building.

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At the very least, there’s a famous Acai in Grassie’s time that she dressed up as once for Soul Masquerade whose Magical Attire looks a LOT like Palmeti’s…

It isn’t uncommon for long-runners to take a name from their previous life, and we already know if a historical long-runner that dresses very similarly (Palmeti, Leactric’s long-running partner). It could be a case of that hapenning again here, the timing would be workable.

Have we established how Grassie knows about the Time Makes? I got the sense this was top secret.

Acai’s title as the Time Mage is public knowledge, but time travelers have never been officially acknowledged. It hasn’t come up why Grassie is so matter-of-fact about meeting one.

What exactly are a Time Mage’s (publicly known) duties/jurisdiction? Like, if time travelers don’t officially exist, what do they think Acai DOES?

And are there other Time Mages out there? What do they do? How are they chosen?

Ok. Now he told her his mission. Really amateur.

To be fair, professional time agents don’t need to worry about this, because people will forget anything they said about the mission five minutes later.

Doing a re-read, and… I had not put together “usefulness of being immediately forgotten” and “professional time-travellers exist” with respect to the Woman in Black – much more intrigued to see where that storyline is going now!

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