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Grassie Knows Her History 28/29

Grassie Knows Her History 28/29 published on 5 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 28/29

Hedge: Grassie! You’re back!

Grassie: Hi, sweetie! We did it!

Hedge: Ahh, I wasn’t worried for a second. C’mere.

Grassie: By the way, Mr. Oseille is going to stay in our guest room tonight.

Hedge: The guard? Why?

Grassie: Because it’s been too long since he’ll be going to have gotten a shower, and he needs one before going where he’ll have been from.

Hedge: Of course. It’s so obvious now, I don’t know why I asked.

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I love how freely she breeze through fourth-dimensional grammar structures and everyone just takes it as Grassie being Grassie.

Not only is it Grassie being Grassie, part of it was unnecessary, because it’s been too long since he’s had a shower, too, if I’m not mistaken. However, it’s been my experience that people who are capable of fourth dimensional grammar structures are generally chomping at the bit to exercise those particular grammar muscles, because they get to use them so rarely.

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