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Grassie Knows Her History 6/29

Grassie Knows Her History 6/29 published on 4 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 6/29

Actor: Is Grassie reading the script, over there? Hasn’t she learned her lines yet?

Actor (Blan): You’re guest cast, right?

Actor: Right . . .

Actor (Blan): Well, Grassie has the most lines, and the hardest, in every script. She learns all the rest of our lines too, so she won’t miss a cue.

And she’s never allowed to fudge her lines, or improvise. She has to deliver the whole thing, word-perfect, as-is. So she reads lines on all her downtime. Lunch break. Makeup. I don’t know when she sleeps, honestly.

Actor: But isn’t the point of her character that she gets everything wrong?

Actor (Blan): Yes, but it has to be exactly the right wrong, or the show won’t be funny.

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Yeah, that’s exactly how comedy works. The more effortless it SEEMS the more work went into it before hand. Frankly, comedy is more demanding than drama, and gets less respect besides.

Also, Guest Actor may be discounting how hard Grassie’s role is in other ways. Grassies lines are the hardest because they have to be delivered exactly as written for everyone else’s gags to make sense, and Grassie absolutely must not fall back on societal niceties and selectively fail at metaphor while in character. When they ask her to take a seat, They’re trying to fob her off with a ♕100 chair instead of the ♕499 telecrystal rig she came here for, but if someone asks how far a professor got with her(in teaching), she exclaims that she’s happily married.

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