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Grassie Knows Her History 7/29

Grassie Knows Her History 7/29 published on 10 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 7/29

As pointed out in comments, “stand in a doorway” is not good advice in modern buildings — the idea originated with an older architectural style where doors were reinforced more than the rest of the structure, not less.

Of course, it was never good advice when it comes to the doorway of a fake plywood set…

Actor (Blan): You see, Grassie and Hedge both play these cute funny versions of themselves on the show, but they’re very different in real life —

— ahh!


. . . um, honey? What are you doing?

Grassie: They say you’re supposed to stand in a doorway when there’s an earthquake, right?

Actor (Blan): . . . Okay, she’s mostly different in real life.

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I mean, if you look…. She’s technically standing in a doorway structure: There’s a big white square behind her that reads as a doorway to me.

As a side note: NEVER STAND IN A DOORWAY IN AN EARTHQUAKE. That could get you killed. Source: Elementary school in Berkeley California.

Doorways are the weakest part of the structure and the most likely to collapse. Try to get outside. If you can’t get outside, crouch under a desk or table and cover the back of your neck and head with your hands.

If the doorway collapses, the full weight of the wall falls on your head, and if you’re standing vertically it pushes your skull down in-between your legs. This is very bad. There’s less to fall on you outside of the doorway. DO NOT STAND IN A DOORWAY.

Safest is to go outside. Second safest is to crouch under a desk, bed, chair, as close to the center of the room as possible so that as little wall will fall on you as possible.

Apparently the doorway advice started in the 1800’s, when buildings were made very differently — the doors were reinforced more than the rest of the walls. In modern buildings, they’re reinforced less, so it no longer applies.

And yes, Grassie is standing in a doorway here…of the stage set, which is fake and cheap and not reinforced at all.

Also, if the door frame itself is from metal – and we had metal door frames in one flat – it might help. Wood, not so much. Plywood, even less.

Similarly, the idea about crouching under a desk, bed or chair will help better if it’s metal or massive wood desk/bed and not plywood one. If it’s not safe to stand on it, it won’t help much. Since 1800, more and more things are made less and less sturdy.

And regarding going outside: good advice in rural areas. In city center, especially when surrounded by skyscrapers, not so much. You may be technically outside but still dangerously close to walls, and you may get glass falling on you. Standing in doorway of the outside door might be safer: if the building will fall, you are dead anyway.

Source: common sense and watching catastrophic movies.

This storyline isn’t going to end with Grassie dying or being too injured to continue, right? Because with these quakes being a factor, someone’s going to get hurt, and its likely to be Grassie or Hedge. Or one of the other major staff.

We know Hedge survives into the modern era. She was polled on the street on who she was going to vote for in the recent Ceannic election. Seeing as she said she’d be voting for Grassie again this year, i’m fairly sure Grassie is also alive.

Unfortunately the real George outlived the real Gracie by decades. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll live, but fate is a fickle friend.

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