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Grassie Knows Her History 9/29

Grassie Knows Her History 9/29 published on 9 Comments on Grassie Knows Her History 9/29

Future Thorn (thinking): I’m in an actual Hedge & Grassie studio. During a recording session. This is definitely not where — or when — I was trying to end up.

Hedge: Hey, you . . . scary fellow. Haven’t seen you around before.

Thorn: Oh — I’m new. New at the studio, I mean. I’ve been working security jobs for a while.

In fact . . . you could say I’ve been doing it since before I was born.

Hedge: You aren’t by any chance related to my wife, are you?

Thorn: Not as far as I know, no.

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Oh Deus. Grassie is going to notice Future!Thorn from some weird old photograph or something from a past(or future) op, isn’t she. it’s just the kind of obscure history she’d know perfectly, and then there’s the potential for timetipping incidents being noticed by her.

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