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Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 2/10

Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 2/10 published on 1 Comment on Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 2/10

Sound tech: It takes a degree from Ville-de-Prince to run this sound board. I only make it look easy.

– Cat Meow
– Doorbell
– Door Opening
– Rimshot

Blan: Hello . . . what’s with the suits?

Hibby: Oh, not much. We stayed home, had dessert . . .

Hedge: Washed the dishes!

Blan: In suits?!

Hedge: We had to wash the fancy plates.

Blan: Listen, Grassie, you know something?

I think, while we were in class, Hibiscus and Hedge went dancing.

Grassie: Aww, that’s silly! Hibby’s much too butch for Hedge.

Blan: No, honey, what I meant was — I think we’ve been neglecting our sweethearts. I think we should give up these Sønheic lessons.

Grassie: Oh? Well, I do too.

Especially since that Sønheic teacher isn’t so smart.

Blan: No?

Grassie: No! You notice she’s had the same sentence on the board for two weeks?

Blan: You mean “Ragnild has two rabbits”?

Grassie: Exactly! And it’s ridiculous, after two weeks. She may know her Sønheic, but she sure doesn’t know her rabbits!

Hedge: You hear that, Hibby? Sounds like it worked!

. . . would you care to dance?

Grassie: Aww, Blan, I was wrong! They look very cute.

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