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Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 4/10

Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 4/10 published on 6 Comments on Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 4/10

Ms. Riisgård: Mrs. Dubois? Nice to meet you.

Grassie: Oh, you must be Ms. Riisgård, the Sønheic teacher! Come in.

I don’t know how to say this in Sønheic, but — won’t you sit down?

Ms. Riisgård: Thank you.

Grassie: Now stand up.

Ms. Riisgård: . . .

Grassie: I want to ask you to sit in Sønheic.

(ahem) Thank you!

Ms. Riisgård: . . . Mrs. Dubois, your friend told me that you and your neighbor studied Sønheic with Prof. Johanssen, right?

Grassie: Well, we took night classes. I don’t know if I can speak it in the daytime yet.

Ms. Riisgård: And how far did Johanssen get with you?

Grassie: Don’t be silly! We’re both happily married!

And even if we weren’t, how far can you go with a woman who after two weeks thinks Ragnild only has two rabbits?!

Ms. Riisgård: . . . Oy vey.

Grassie: Ooh, what does that mean?

Ms. Riisgård: “Very smart.”

Grassie: Oh! I better go get a paper and pencil, so I can start writing this down. You know, I’ve already learned more from you than I did at that night school?

Ms. Riisgård: Thank you.

Grassie: It’ll only take me a second.

Ms. Riisgård: Of course!

Grassie: You know, you even look more intelligent than Professor Johannsen?

Ms. Riisgård: Thank you.

Grassie: Make up your mind! Do you want me to get some paper, or do you want me to sit here?

Ms. Riisgård: The paper! And perhaps an aspirin.

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