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Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 9/10

Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 9/10 published on 6 Comments on Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons 9/10

Hedge: Grassie, you mean you want to be deported to Sønheim?

Grassie: Ooh, sure!

And from there we could be deported to the Isle of Marta for a couple of weeks.

Hedge: We’re not going. I’m having our lawyer straighten it out.

Grassie: Aww, really?

And from there we could’ve been deported to the United Islands. I could buy a nice bottle of Island dressing, and I could buy —

Hedge: Island dressing, you can buy right down the street.

Grassie: I know! But if we go to the UI, we don’t have to pay the Ceannic tax on it.

Hedge: Grassie . . .

Grassie: Hedge, I don’t know what’s gotten into you. It wouldn’t cost us a cent and we could travel all over the world.

Hedge: You don’t want us deported. We’re Ceannic citizens. We’re taxpayers!

Grassie: I know! So who has a better right?

Who are they going to deport? Some foreigner like Ms. Riisgård? Ms. Riisgård doesn’t pay Ceannic taxes, does she.

Hedge: Well . . .

Grassie: She doesn’t vote, does she.

Hedge: No, she doesn’t.

Grassie: Then why should she get the trip? She’s not even a member of the PTA!

Hedge: Look, Grassie, how do you think of these things?

Grassie: Hedge, you don’t give me enough credit! Everybody says oy vey about me but you.

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I tried watching old comedies like what the comic is based on but I’m one of those people for whom the whole thing is one painful cringe. This page too (this is not a serious criticism of the comic, I just don’t have this kind of humour). Am I alone in that?

You are definitely not alone in that! It’s especially bad when “family movie night” is actually “cringe comedy movie night” so you have to excuse yourself every time. Sorry, guys, but vicarious embarrassment and the point-and-laugh-factor don’t really appeal to me.

I know what it’s like to have a serious embarrassment squick, but none of the George & Gracie stuff trips mine at all. Nobody’s pointing and laughing at her. They’re mostly baffled, and once they know her well enough to figure out what her deal is, they’re mostly charmed.

The comedy comes from the cleverness of the writing — the puns, the wordplay, the way Gracie will interpret things in an oddball way and then build all kinds of technically-logical conclusions from her illogical premise. For years, Gracie-the-actress spent every free moment memorizing lines, because the jokes only makes sense if Gracie-the-character delivers everything with exactly the right wording.

(So many of the jokes were flat-out impossible to adapt. You’d get a whole conversation that hinged on some pun, or Spanish word, or American historical reference, with no equivalent in this world. Unless I set out to worldbuild an entire cultural backstory so readers would get the reference…and these Hedge & Grassie strips themselves are here to build backstory for the present-day characters’ cultural references, and how many layers deep do I want to go with this, anyway? Probably not that many.)

Oh, for sure! I have to admit, I’ve never actually watched George & Gracie, so I don’t actually have an informed opinion of the show itself, but I can see from the sort of cultural-osmosis-interactions that I have had with it that it was well written and intelligently funny–the “point and laugh” bit was more directed at the general population of recent comedy movies and shows.

It may not be my cup of tea, and I may tend more towards putting my face in my hands rather than saying, “oh, you rascal, you menace, you adorable terror, you,” but it definitely still gets me chuckling sometimes, unlike the constant stream of “sex joke sex joke poop joke sex joke” that seems to dominate most “comedy” movies I see nowadays (or, to be fair, their trailers, since I tend to avoid them now).

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