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Guest Art Showcase 2020, Part 1

Guest Art Showcase 2020, Part 1 published on No Comments on Guest Art Showcase 2020, Part 1

Drawings by other artists that have trickled in over the past year-and-change!

If you draw any of the Leif & Thorn characters, drop a comment with the link — or post on Twitter and tag @ErinPtah — to get your own feature.

1) Leif and Thorn shoulder-to-shoulder is by BRRTAI:

2) Katya on the fiddle is by Modesty, creator of all these webcomics! It’s from the Comicadia MAX art exchange.

3) Somber Thorn in the rain is by Hawk, creator of the impressively long-running Culture Shock. It’s another Comicadia MAX piece.

4) Magical Laurel, in full costume and with Fallon in tow, is by Kristen, creator of XII: Of Magic and Muses:

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