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Guest Art Showcase 2021, part 1

Guest Art Showcase 2021, part 1 published on 4 Comments on Guest Art Showcase 2021, part 1

…and on that dramatic note, I need a little inter-volume break.

So please enjoy a few days of Leif & Thorn guest art!

1) Little Katya, drawn by hpcomic in the Comicadia MAX exchange

2) Leif and Kale, by (deactivated) cream_puffi on Twitter

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Thorn’s type is really “Cute boys who wear glasses and have a traumatic backstory with unhealthy coping mechanisms and a completely shot sense of self worth”, huh

Shipper Brain: 😃 Thorn 👏 Has 👏 Two 👏 Hands 😃.
Doom Brain: 😰 but would Leif and/or Kale be okay with that? Or would they just go along with it because they are afraid of losing Thorn if they said no? 😰

Thorn hasn’t shown any romantic interest in Kale, even privately. Trust me, I’m also an ot3 shipper, but I can’t just delude myself into claiming intimacy that hasn’t happened. So for me it’s less “would the other two be okay with it” and more a “is thorn even interested in the first place?”

It’s my impression that Kale would be OK with it. I don’t know that he’d necessarily like sharing, but he seems to be so severely feeling unworthy that I doubt he’d object to too much, and likely even tolerate some actual abuse (although his therapist would likely catch that and try to steer him away from anything that was abusive.)

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