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Half Of What You See 11/26

Half Of What You See 11/26 published on 9 Comments on Half Of What You See 11/26

Meanwhile, in Ludolf’s part of the plan . . .

Ludolf: Officer Geirölul Lilblomma?

Geirölul: Yes?

. . . I’m sorry, I know you work here, but I don’t think I ever got your name.

Ludolf: Ludolf. I’m in charge of the indentured servants.

You used to be one of them, yes? Not here at the Embassy, but on an estate back in Sønheim?

Geirölul: H-how did you know? Is there something about how I talk — or the things I do — that gives it away?

Ludolf: Yes, but I confirmed it by checking your résumé.

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…Boss what are you about to do to one of the…*Counts* three Sonheim characters I actually care about?

Theory: Geirölul’s gonna be asked to spy on the servants. since they likely don’t know that she knows sign, It’s “safe” to sign about Radical Anti-Government Sentiments in her line of sight.

Which of the servants don’t you care about?

Leif’s whole “I’m not a person, just property” deal is really starting to wear thin.

To be fair, it’s a survival tactic.

Leif’s situation is so crushingly, horribly, abusively unjust…if he let himself stop and consciously think about it, he’d have a nervous breakdown in five minutes flat.

And it’s not like they’d send him to a nice cushy mental-health treatment spa to recover.

Hm. It looks like there’s a LOT of stigma around having been an indentured servant. I thought that the children shown taunting Leif when he was in school were doing it because of whatever it was his parents did, not because he was going to be a Servant.

Okay, it was probably both, but still.

The way Geirölul’s whole disposition changes in the third panel implies that it’s really shameful to have been in that position.

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