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Half Of What You See 12/26

Half Of What You See 12/26 published on 4 Comments on Half Of What You See 12/26

Ludolf (signing): How much do you remember of Sønheim Sign?

Geirölul: Um . . . I haven’t practiced since I became a citizen again.

Geirölul (signing): I read it better than I use it.

Ludolf (signing): That’s fine.

I need someone to observe a couple of servants. Someone they don’t realize can follow their signing.

Geirölul: Understood.

What am I looking for? You don’t suspect . . . treason, or anything?

Ludolf: If I thought that was likely, I’d sell them all off. And use the profit to put in a video surveillance system.

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Uh-oh, I always suspected this “sign as secret language” wasn’t a great way to hide things.

I think it’s gonna be fine. Only Leif ever thought it was secret, it seems.

On previous page, Ludolf confirmed that there something about how Geirölul talk — or the things she do — that gives away she was indentured servant. Katya certainly noticed MORE of such signs than Ludolf.

Still, I wonder if increased attention focused on Elisa wouldn’t complicate her plan.

@Khyrin: But IIRC, we’ve seen them say one thing and sign something different that they didn’t want to be picked up on by their “owners.” Maybe not secret, but they’ve used it in plain sight as a way to try to communicate without being understood.

(Granted, the strip is moving past my concern to something different going on, it seems like.)

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