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Half Of What You See 19/26

Half Of What You See 19/26 published on 8 Comments on Half Of What You See 19/26

Leif (whispering): Psst, Katya! I took in some hems for Elisa. Can you check if I did it right?

Katya (signing): You’re still okay here? Thorn means well, but he could still force your compulsions by accident.

Elisa (signing): Well . . . you can “do something” about that, right?

Katya (signing): Not compulsions that are coded for Ceanska magic. Only for the Sønska kind, which don’t work off of the Embassy grounds anyway.

Leif: How about this to wear in your hair?

Elisa: . . . I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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Just a few comics before the one that Khyrin linked to, I found this:
Was it even legal for the embassy to add a copy of the compulsions that would work outside of the embassy?

They probably sidestep it via diplomatic privileges given to embassy staff and slaves.

Two guesses:
1: The “Ceanska Soil” patch disables the Sønheim soil ‘circuits’ to keep the compulsion gem from short-circuiting like Thorn’s milspec healing gem did on embassy soil.

2: The “Foreigners are afforded citizen protections from vampires(except if they attack first)” is probably contingent on “Sønska servants are allowed to walk Ceannic soil just like a citizen with their compulsions intact.”

I feel like they might be lying about what they were doing with the chip, especially since Elisa offered the explanation and what’s-his-name just agreed. And because they were so curious about what Thorn’s up to…

At worst, it’s they did exactly what they said PLUS something else. If they didn’t do the “compulsions work on Ceannic soil” they’re letting a servant walk out on a contract with zero guarantee she’ll be coming back.

As for turning Elisa into a listening device, There has to be a reason they haven’t just turned Leif into one, either by:
A) adding a compulsion to report EVERYTHING Thorn says during the debrief.

B) adding a Ceannic-Soil Compatible Listening Spell to Leif’s Compulsion Gem as a backup.

They for-sure keep planting listening devices (or have listening devices planted in servant’s clothing as SOP), and they’ve had reason to be suspicious since the total equipment failure at Summerfest.

Getting out on shakier ground: I think they can’t write a Listening Spell onto the Compulsion gem even if they wanted.

I can’t find a primary source for this in the text, but I feel like certain gems work better for certain spells… it would stand to reason that the inverse can be true. That certain gems might be ABSOLUTELY AWFUL for certain spells. e.g. Erin has mentioned that diamonds are high-capacity and easy to program(Landslide Bring Me Down, 31/75), making them the gem of choice for a lot of relief groups… but Thorn’s Milspec healing gem is a sapphire (I Got Eight Problems,16/27).

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