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Half Of What You See 2/26

Half Of What You See 2/26 published on 5 Comments on Half Of What You See 2/26

Sigrún: For the past year and a half, our security has been supplemented by a team of knights from Ceannis.

Their leader is Sir Thorn Estragon.

Sir Thorn has helped protect the Embassy and its personnel from a wide variety of threats.

He and his team have similar fighting skills to our own native-trained guards. We’ve worked well together, with no major conflict so far.

. . . but if anything ever does go wrong, we want to have safeguards ready.

That’s where Sir Thorn’s attachment to Leif comes in.

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Sigrún: Now, before I continue, have you ever encountered a shonen-ai fangirl, or heard a crowd of them squee?

Sigvard: I’ve been to see Leachtric

Sigrún: Not quite the same thing… I have here a recording of one hundred fangirls reacting to the last time Sir Thorn and Leif kissed… *plays recording*


Sigvard: Good… gracious… 😮

Sigrún: And that is just a flavour of one of the hazards we are up against…


I feel like this might have been a good point to mention the Heart Swords, and roughly describe them, before mentioning Thorn’s situation with Leif. That said, I don’t know how the rest of this storyline goes, so what do I know?

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