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Half Of What You See 21/26

Half Of What You See 21/26 published on 3 Comments on Half Of What You See 21/26

Hey, folks…Leif & Thorn has another perfect cameo opportunity coming up in less than a month. It’s filled by a random background extra right now, but it could totally be filled by you! Or the original character of your choice.

Become the next Leif & Thorn patron at the Knights of Ceannis tier or above, and get the role of helpful magical police warden. Wings and all.

Afraid you can’t procrastinate on this one — if I don’t have references for the cameo within 2 weeks, they’ll have to be…well, used for another appearance later. It’s just this specific role you’d miss out on.

(If you can’t afford to support at that level for long, you can drop to a lower tier afterward! The cameo will still be yours.)

Elisa: Sir Thorn? I know you’re still on duty — I just wanted to say hello.

Thorn: Oh, hello! You must be Elisa.

Elisa: You don’t need to come down!

Thorn: It’s just to shake your hand! That’s allowed.

We’ve never really talked . . . It’s nice to properly meet you.

Elisa: . . . with how Leif talks about you, I could’ve sworn you were taller.

Thorn: Yes, I hear that a lot.

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Didn’t these two meet during the mining fiasco? Like, Thorn let her into his booth to watch the news about what was going on because her dad was trapped in the mine.

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