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Half Of What You See 22/26

Half Of What You See 22/26 published on 5 Comments on Half Of What You See 22/26

Thorn (signing): You show me to make favorite food of Leif.

Elisa (thinking): Oh, right, Katya said he signed to her once. . .

And came out of the camera’s range to do it, too. Smart!

Elisa (signing): I think Leif’s favorite food would be you.

Thorn (thinking): Those looked like the same signs . . . she was probably fixing my grammar.

Thorn (signing): Okay!

Elisa (thinking): So Katya was also right that he doesn’t understand sign at all.

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Ah, yes, how could we forget? Sign languages have a different grammar than their spoken counterparts. And Thorn’s better at his Sønska, but throw in the different “inflections” inherent to Sign…

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