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Half Of What You See 24/26

Half Of What You See 24/26 published on 2 Comments on Half Of What You See 24/26

Embassy guard dorms.

Sigrún: Officer Geirölul?

Don’t get up. I’m here to check on you — if it’s medically allowed.

Geirölul: It is, Captain! The local doctor was right — there’s no pain.

I’m just not supposed to strain my eyes for a while. Or do anything physical that could knock off these eye-shields. Nothing wrong with talking. Or sitting in the dark and catching up on podcasts.

Sigrún: So it’s almost like a vacation?

Geirölul: Gosh, no! On a vacation I’d be cleared to read, and I’d be catching up on comics.

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Erin? The After Dark updates are leaking onto the main page again.

as for today’s update: Geirölul has the right idea. “This isn’t a vacation, i’m still restricted in what I can do.”
About 13 years ago I had a coworker who was incensed because she was on bedrest and all she had to entertain herself was the complete Vision of Escaflowne box set, as she was contractually required to remain on property at the camp except in case of a medical emergency.

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