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Half Of What You See 4/26

Half Of What You See 4/26 published on 8 Comments on Half Of What You See 4/26

Leif & Thorn now has a limited mirror on Webtoon! It’s no substitute for the main site (for starters, it’s three years behind), but if you’re a Webtoon user, go throw it some likes anyway.

Ludolf: We’ve been waiting for Thorn to pay extra for . . . premium services . . . for some time now. They’ve already done just about all the touching they can get for free.

And with the size of Leif’s debt, he literally cannot afford to reject any requests.

Sigrún: We did plan to hold off on approving Thorn’s request, though. He’ll end up more invested if he feels like he has to fight for it.

Sigvard: . . . so I take it he hasn’t ordered the sex package yet?

Sigrún: No — he just did! But not from Leif — from Elisa!

Sigvard: Who’s Elisa?

Sigrún: That was what I said!

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I feel like we’re about to encounter a moment of evil being unable to comprehend good.

My wager’s on “Morally ambiguous and utterly confused by the culture barrier.”

Sigrún: Are you SURE that’s the right translation?
Sigvard: Yes. Thorn claims to be engaging your servant to… de-eel his hovering boat, as well as repair a gouge in his smokeweed vendor.

… I think I will need translation. Is the first something with matches?

I’m referencing the Monty Python sketch called The Hungarian Phrasebook. The conceit is a Hungarian man walks into a tobacconist’s and uses phrases such as “My hovercraft is full of eels.” and “I will not buy this record; it is scratched.”

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