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Half Of What You See 6/26

Half Of What You See 6/26 published on 8 Comments on Half Of What You See 6/26

Sigvard: Look, I can start this process, but it’ll have to run with background server power. And it could take months. You might want to try a more low-tech approach.

Sigrún/Ludolf: Of course —

Ludolf: having someone spy on Leif directly.

Sigrún: bringing Thorn in to interrogate him.

Ludolf: Both?

Sigrún: Both.

Sigrún/Ludolf: Both is good.

Thorn: . . . Captain Sigrún, with respect, I will not having talk in there without a specific allegation. And a lawyer.

[His grammar still needs work, but he’s picked up a lot from legal dramas.]

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And cue immediate international incident.

Sigrún: The innocent have nothing to fear!
Thorn:[A phrase that would most accurately be translated back into Ceannic as ‘street fruit’.]

Honestly, Ludolf’s plan was the one that has the potential to be more subtle. Especially if they tempt one of the staff with, say, a considerable reduction in their debt. Enough to make them actually want to spy on one of their own like this. Sigrun’s is just too blatantly obvious and, as Flyboy said, can lead to an international incident. Didn’t the two countries not long ago come off of being at formal war or something?

Hmm, now I’m trying to imagine the origin of this swear. “Street fruit” as in “fruit you find on the street; ‘don’t eat that you don’t know where it’s been'”? “Street fruit” as in—-

…. nope, just clicked, obviously it’s a sideways euphemism for a ball of dung.

OMG the idiots; just freaking ask Leif! (BTW how would spying on Leif help? Also, it seems like they’re already spying on everyone on embassy grounds anyway, LOL.)

And on what grounds do they even bring Thorn in for questioning?! This should be fun. 🙂

Captain Sigrún probably framed it as “hey, let’s discuss coordination of our respective teams, maybe shoot the breeze a bit, get to know each other better.”

As for asking Leif, they want independent verification. His compulsion chip does not force him to tell the 100% unvarnished and complete truth. Heck, from our third-person omniscient viewpoint, we know he’s good enough at doublethink to avoid the shocks by focusing on a given task EXACTLY, not allowing himself to synthesize the steps into an end goal, e.g. Katya wanted him to look up maps and coordinates from an outside, presumably immune to Sønheim surveillance account and he complied… but DID have to think about kittens for a while to make sure he didn’t think about what Katya would DO with those figures.

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