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Half Of What You See 7/26

Half Of What You See 7/26 published on 2 Comments on Half Of What You See 7/26

The Webcomic Almanac 2.0 is out! Pick up a copy, support that National Center for Transgender Equality, and get a brand-new But I’m A Cat Person illustration, an advance look at the Leif & Thorn volume 2 cover, plus dozens of other exclusive webcomic art pieces.

Sigrún: If we talk out here, is it acceptable to you?

Thorn: Much better, yes.

Sigrún: I understand you’ve applied to rent one of our servants — at the “sexual services” premium.

Thorn: That’s right.

What part of it do you want to discuss? I know it’s not illegal in either of our countries. And it’s relatively common in Sønheim, yes?

Sigrún: I understand it’s a bit unorthodox in Ceannis.

Thorn: Working here, I am developing more appreciation for other cultures.

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