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Half Of What You See 8/26

Half Of What You See 8/26 published on 7 Comments on Half Of What You See 8/26

There’s a perfect opportunity for a reader cameo coming up next month, and I don’t have anyone to put in it =(

Become the next Leif & Thorn patron at the Knights of Ceannis tier or above, and you could be the one fangirling/boying/personing over Juniper: ETA: this role has been filled! So now you’ll have dibs on the next cameo space.

(If you can’t afford to stay at that level for long, you can drop to a lower tier afterward! The cameo will still be yours.)

Thorn (thinking): “Unorthodox” isn’t the half of it. This doesn’t break any ethics rules, but it sure could look like a cover-up for something that does. Honestly, I’m surprised it got approved at all . . .

Earlier — Embassy guard office.

Juniper: You want to do what?

Thorn: Listen, Juniper, it’s a clever plan. I’ll explain . . .

Regional training center.

Gerri: You want to do what?

Thorn: While being fully transparent with my superiors, Sir Gerri.

Situation Room.

Olive Romarin: He wants to do what?

Gerri: I know how it sounds, Lady President, but he means it.

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There’s a small typo in the transcript. It should be “clever” instead of “lever.”
Also, hmm… what could the president possibly need to know about Thorn’s plans?

I think Thørn is trying to do this without blowing a lot of his money, and spinning it so that he can actually get reimbursed for this… which probably means Elisa could also get some attention from the Ceannic government, although that probably won’t come out while she has a spy keeping tabs on her.

Given the political situation, I could see the Ceannic president needing to be advised that she’s about to buy a Sønheim servant her freedom. Because presidents get blamed for everything.

Elisa’s freedom is relatively cheap. And she has plans to go back to Sønheim to her loving dads and finish College.
My bet’s the cover is “Thorn is renting Elisa to bake a pie, but really [Trail of Freedom for Sønska debtslaves]” and anything concerning Fire Prophecy and Pies automatically must be brought to Romarin’s attention by Presidential Order.

While I love that Thorn is moving with initiative, I’m still worried that this will lead Sonheim to start encouraging more debt slavery akin to the US prison pipeline.

Scattered thoughts on the subject:

Debt slavery isn’t permanent. The Sønska citizen’s perspective is likely Servants are bad at budgeting, or you sold themselves to spare a relative that debt.

Most of the debtors that have been mentioned are ones that have finished their contract, or are on contracts that can reasonably be paid off within a normal human lifetime, (e.g. Elisa’s flight of fancy in which Thorn is rich enough to reasonably just buy out Leif’s contract.)

The Literal Vampires at the top may be trying to repeal the laws that limit how much wealth they can accumulate, but they still have incentive to play ball and work within existing economic systems… after all, if The People decide that, “Y’know what? I think I’ll risk the jail sentence and just put a nice, solid oak with silver inlay stake soaked in garlic in my senator’s heart.”, well… the Hunters only need to be lucky once. The Vampires need to be lucky every time.

My guess is the Sønska government assumes that debt from your creditor and you work for the government to pay it back, taking the most of the burden off your family ( e.g. Elisa put off graduation from college because of the unspecified debt, but her fathers are working to get her free of the debt-bond faster.)

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