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Half Of What You See 9/26

Half Of What You See 9/26 published on 8 Comments on Half Of What You See 9/26

I like Olive Romarin’s order of priorities in the first panel. It’s the one you want your lawmakers to have.

Romarin: Look, this could obviously go very wrong. But only in the sense that it would be a PR nightmare. He’s not proposing to cause actual harm, or break actual laws.

And I assigned Thorn’s team to that embassy in the first place because prophecy.

Any time he wants to do something weird — for all we know, it’s the whole reason why the prophecy specified him.

Gerri: So he’s getting official approval.

Romarin: On this, yes! From you. It’s so harmless and innocent, you didn’t even think to bring it up to me. What’s he really planning to do with this servant he rents, anyway?

Gerri: . . . Have her bake him a pie, milady.

Romarin: What? That’s brilliant! Why didn’t you just say so?

Gerri: Well, this way I know it didn’t prejudice the approval I didn’t even ask you for.

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Ah, Pie. will you ever not be an amusing punchline? Will anyone other than Romarin ever eat pie on-panel? Have I just not been paying enough attention?

This “We Must Allow The Prophecy To Unfold” REALLY needs some better guidelines. Like, a span of years at least? When can we safely UN-assign Thorn, and how long do we need to manipulate fashion trends to keep cargo pants an article of ridicule?

“…break actual laws.”
how does one go about breaking imaginary laws?

Breaking unwritten rules of society mostly; things that aren’t actually written down as actual laws and thus cannot be punished by law. Like how if you go to a formal event, you’re expected to dress formally, but there’s no actual rules stopping you from walking in with an unbuttoned tee shirt and jean shorts. You’d probably get promptly kicked out but you couldn’t like, be arrested for it. Except this example features a lot more rumors about sex, probably.

Oh, there’s *absolutely* something stopping you from walking into that formal event with an unbuttoned tee shirt and jean shorts.

I know this from personal experience, because I tried to do almost exactly what you described, except I was wearing Bermuda shorts. But I was foiled in progress, as someone explained that I was actually wearing a polo shirt, not a T-shirt. T-shirts don’t have buttons or collars.


Is there any reason to distrust spirits in Ceannis?

Spiritually Transmitted Acute Dysphoria, AKA The Whispers. But Seeing as now-Minister of Prophecy Magnolia Persil was the one leading the charge on purging that particular case, one would hope she’s relatively resistant.

Anyway, Minister Persil’s the one we would need to distrust, not the spirits. They could be giving her perfect prophecy and she could still twist it to her ends.

Fair point, but I don’t have enough evidence on her yet so I’m gonna save judgement for now. Meanwhile your point about the whispers is exactly why I mention this. The spirits are dangerous and apparently panic at natural disasters like human beings? Plus it’s like Romarin said, prophecy is too inexact even with the spirits giving them specific clues. Plus we have no canon view of their intelligence apparatus, so for all we know reliance on the spirits has done to their human intelligence capabilities what our development of self-driving cars threatens to do to the taxi industry.

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