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Happy Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween 2018 published on 9 Comments on Happy Halloween 2018

I have been putting off the return of Hazel and Hyacinth for months now. To make up for it, here’s a look at them in elecropunk costumes!

At least I managed to get in another Hedge & Grassie strip not long ago, so you can remember who Thorn and Leif are dressed as.

Hyacinth: What do the blinking lights do?

Hazel: Electropunk decorations never “do” anything…they just look cool.

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What’s the historical context for electropunk? Are printed circuits old-fashioned in Ceannis the same way steam engines are for us?

My guess is it’s more along the lines of… I think they call it Atompunk?

Speculative fiction on if the world developed along different technological lines. e.g. Fallout is ‘What if the world threw in with Nuclear Power 100%, and it worked exactly like they thought it would in 50’s B-Films.’

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